mantIQ for Smart Cities

Over the past years, the concept of smart cities have gained a significant momentum and cities have become digitalized with enormous amount of data. With the advanced technologies developed recently, cities have been surrounded by sensors, drones and several other information sources creating streaming data which is hard to process and derive analytics out of it. Notwithstanding the challenges of integrating big data processing and business intelligence, mantIQ Business Intelligence Platform provides a big data ingestion stack to process large volumes of data and extract meaningful pieces of information with its sophisticated analytics engine. Additionally, with the help of its intelligent visualization layer on top of the analytics engine, mantIQ provides insight through smart dashboards to the heart of the smart cities assisting decision makers with all the information. In this way, mantIQ enables to establish real time information flow from various data sources to the emergency managers as well as critical infrastructure operators in order to coordinate necessary activities in terms of proactive decision making in different parts of smart cities.