mantIQ for Hospital Management

mantIQ provides a data model, which contains a comprehensive list of possible performance indicators for healthcare sector. With the provided management panels, these performance indicators can be easily bind to existing data in the databases without deep SQL knowledge. In case more complex performance indicators are needed, you can edit the automatically generated SQL with minor modifications.

You can reuse the performance indicators provided by mantIQ or create new ones easily. With these performance indicators and dimensions, you can perform detailed analysis and use the results for decision support.

Financial Analysis

It is crucial to continually monitor the financial status of the medical institutes. It requires quite an extensive effort to harmonize all cumulative data from disparate data sources, performing analysis with all details and relate cost data with other sources of the institute. The goal of mantIQ is to facilitate this challenging process for managers and decision makers in a way that they can perform these tasks easily in their daily routines.

A wide variety of Indicators are provided by mantIQ to make meaningful and detailed analysis of most financial data including cost analysis, budget revenue/expense balance and billing details. A pie chart showing the "By Service Type" Dimension of the Indicator named "Total Cost" on the right side is presented. In addition to pie chart, the users are able to visualize the data with other formats, such as table and bar chart.

Total Invoice Amount

  • Daily/Monthly/Yearly breakdown
  • Analysis by departments
  • Analysis by organizations
  • Analysis by patient type

Total Costs

  • By departments
  • By doctors
  • By procedure
  • By patient type

Invoicing Rate of Equipment and Services

  • By departments
  • By doctors
  • By procedure

Service Quality Analysis

Quality in medical institutes is an important factor for being able to comply with national and international standards as well as to provide community health and economic development as the return of services provided clinically. It is important to analyze the entire database in a fast and accurate way in order to track the quality of the services provided in different departments of hospitals, to associate service items with financial data, and to make correct decisions. mantIQ provides the appropriate indicators for evaluating the quality of service provided at the hospital by the Indicators and their Dimensions to support managers in their administrative decisions.

Efficiency Analysis

Along with the rapid demographic and economic developments in recent years, high costs in the health sector have necessitated efficient and effective use of resources that are allocated to healthcare. For this reason, it is of utmost importance to use systems that ensure that resources are used correctly, with a primary focus on efficiency. As mentioned above, with mantIQ, cost analysis makes it easy to follow how much money is spent, while at the same time to analyze how much the spent amounts and the resources are used efficiently.

Do not be late to identify the point of failures in your business and increase the service quality.